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Tradition the way you like it

Sintratur has years of experience in making wedding dreams come true.
All you have to do is make a few choices.

What route do you choose? You choose it.
From your house to the church.
From the church to the photos.
From the photos to the place of celebration.
Perhaps the whole way?

Who rides in the carriage?
It’s up to you, too.
Only the bride.
The bride with the bride’s maids.
The bride with her parents.
Only the newlyweds.
The bride to the church, the newlyweds to the celebration.
Everyone in three carriages?

How is the carriage decorated?
Here are some ideas:
With flowers.
With satin covers.
With tulle.
With all the works?

How is the driver dressed?
Depends on the formality and mood of your wedding.
In a normal uniform of white shirt and a vest.
In the traditional Portuguese driver’s uniform.
In a uniform from the turn of the century.

Which carriage do you choose?
Yellow wheels on a green carriage.
Red wheels on a green carriage.
Crème wheels on a brown carriage.

And the horses? White or Brown?
Everything is up to you. We can choose for you, too, if you want us to – but most importantly, it is your wedding and it should look like you!

Though based in Sintra, we gladly dislocate to other parts of Portugal to serve our clients. Or if you are marrying elsewhere but celebrating your wedding in Sintra, as many couples do, we can arrange a pick-up point for you close to the place of celebration, and you can still make your entrance in the carriage!

Our fee is based on time spent away from home – from the moment we leave until the moment we get back. We charge per hour, minimum 1 hour, at 60€ / hour / carriage.

For a decoration, any style, we charge 70€.
To get a free non-committal estimate for your wedding, contact us giving us the following information:

• The date of your wedding
• The location – city and church or register
• The distance you want to travel in the carriage, location and kms (f. ex. Home in Caparica to church of S. Pedro, 4 kms, after church to celebration at Quinta do Gaivoto, 8 kms)
• Your name and contact.

And we will get back to you.